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General Regulations for Compost Toilets 

Always check with your own council concerning the regulations (regs) for the safe disposal of your waste. Each county and country has variations.

Generally, wee can be disposed of on the land without issue. If you use a soak-away then it needs to be no closer than 10 meters from any watercourse and no closer than 50 meters to any water borehole or spring. You must also be mindful of flood plains, slopes, and the water table.

Your composting waste (solid waste), if it is linked to a household, can be used on your own land without issue. If it is linked to a business then you need to check your local regulations via your local council or Environmental Agency.

Please click the PDFs for basic information on the treatment and disposal of wastewater where there is no connection to the public foul sewer.

composting toilet
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