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Get a Large Compost Toilet Box for your small space, van, boat, shed, house, etc; you name it!


Arrives ready to use!


This option is approx 100cm wide, 54cm high and 54cm deep and weighs approx 25kgs.


These boxes come ready to use with a hatch at the front. This makes easy to change out the liquids container. 


This ready to use loo comes with

1 x Separator 

1x Solid Pine Luxury Toilet Seat

1 x 20 Litre Solids Container

1 x  10 Litre Liquids Container

1x Strainer

32mm Pushfit Pipe Fitting

32mm Pushfit Sanitary Pipe, if you wish to drain the urine to a soakaway.

Grande Compost Loo Box

Do you want a design on the front?