The Wee Hoose Large Wee Separator.

Extra tackle space up front and extra flange round the rim for easier fitting and screwing.


Look no further!


Take the worry out of waste with this simple solution! Just sit down and let the separator do the rest!


Made from glass reinforced plastic at our manufacturer MSD in Aberdeen, with a tough gel coat, it is not only super strong, it has a hygienic finish, is easy to clean, and super easy to fit.


To install, check out our pictures for hints and tips.


It's so easy to fit.


All you need are a drill, some small screws, up to 10mm, a 32mm push-fit pipe fitting and pipe. The urine can be diverted in to a container or piped out in to a ground soakaway, and the solids go in to a container via the rear section.


Your loo box top which your separator will fit in to is best at a 9mm thickness and upward.


Draw around the separator giving yourself space for your containers underneath; At least 10cm clearance from the sides of your box to allow for the containers and the pipework to fit. Once you have drawn around the separator you should cut at least 2cm inside of this line to allow a suitable circumference for flange play. Flange play is crucial.



37cm long, from front to back of the rim (4cm larger in the rim than our standard size)

33cm wide, from side to side of the rim (5cm wider in the rime then our standard size)

20cm from top edge to the end of urine spout (5cm deeper in the front than the standard size)

32mm wide urine spout

15cm from surface to rear outlet (4cm deeper than the standard size)

20.5cm x 11.5cm wide rear exit (slightly larger than the standard size)

4cm outer flange

(These are approximate +/- 0.5cm)



High quality white durable gel coat finish, reminiscent of your traditional toilet bowl, but better.

Centre ridge to stop contamination of your solids container.

All important wide flange for ease of fitting.

Deep and anatomically generous front section for men.

High quality marine standard GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).

Hand made in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Pop out stainless-steel strainer in the wee diverter to stop sawdust entering and blocking your liquids container.

Simply made by experienced GRP professionals since 1992 and designed to last.


Diverter outlet fittings

34mm Plastic Compression Fitting

32mm Plastic Push-Fit

32mm (1 1/4”) Internal Diameter Reinforced (Corrugated) Flexible Pipe – secured with Jubilee Clip

28mm External Diameter Copper or Plastic Pipe

28mm Spigot – Push Fit

28mm ‘End Feed’ Copper Stub for Neater Spout Stub, 28m-33mm Pipe Attachment or for Soldered Copper Fixing

Direct to your container with bottle openings from 30mm upwards

We find the 32mm push fittings the easiest to use.

Go straight down to your soakaway or container where possible as the more bends you have the more chance you have for off-gassing of the urine.


Bulk buy and gain a healthy discount!


Contact us if you have any questions or need a quote for international postage, we are always happy to assist.


These separators only come in white, red, dark green or grey. We can only sell white bungs with these.

"Big Fella" Wee Compost Toilet Separator/Urine Diverter

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