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Ideal for those of you who are really struggling for space...perfectly small for those small spaces.


This easy to build product is the perfect flat pack kit if you want to make your own composting toilet for a narrow-boat, caravan, campervan or other off-grid setting where you can’t run urine into a soakaway pit.  This may be a kit, but you get the same quality in everything included, all you have to do is decide how you want to paint or stain it! It's as easy as that.



The kit comes with:

  • High quality, precision cut 15mm birch plywood for the box, seat and lid, with a pre-cut hole in the central back panel for the included vent. (This wood is the ideal surface for painting, oiling or staining).
  • Regualr Separator. (White is standard, but you can upgrade to a glitter one if you want some glitz glamour in your life! ) This can also be upgraded to include a matching modesty bung!
  • 4.4L urine bottle with screw on lid, with a build in handle for easy handling and emptying. 
  • Solids Tank - 23 litre solids container with lid. Stackable design. Made with SteriTouch anti-bacterial agent. This can come with optional stainless steel clips to secure fully onto the box, but its not really needed as the solids tank fits precisely into the box.
    A roll of 26 compostable bags.
  • Full assembly instructions, with detailed pictures.
  • All screws, cams, dowels, hinges and cam locks you need.


All you need is a flathead screwdriver and a hammer (to knock in the dowels). Joints are incredibly strong – we use ‘IKEA’ style furniture assembly components that lock into place. Once assembled, you can finish with paint, stain or oil, to suit your taste and decor.



460mm front to back 

440mm high to the top lid

300mm wise

She weighs 7kg



Once built, she is an absolute dream to empty...just lift the lid to lift out the bottle.

No need to remove the urine separator as it is attached to the lid/seat. For the bucket, we recommend you use it with a compostable bag... then when ready for emptying just lift the base off the bucket, remove the bag, put in a new one and put the base back's a perfect fit and easily just slots back into place.

Deluxe Compost Loo Kit- complete