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Our Best Seller!


***Check the lead time with us before ordering***


Arrives ready to use.


Free UK delivery.


This gorgeous compost toilet is all you need to begin giving back to the earth!


It arrives ready to use and comes with a regular separator, luxury wooden toilet seat, gorgeous heart-shaped coat hook, lovely antique loo roll holder, loo containers, separator spout strainer, and a length of 32mm pipe for the soakaway.


Have windows cut to match your theme for free.


Made mostly from 19mm pressure treated shiplap.


Why not choose an add-on product to utilise the space inside the compost toilet? Add a sink, a gravity feed, or a sawdust box?


User instrucions: Feel free to download the pdf user instructions from the compost toilet page.


These compost toilets come with everything you need except the sawdust and the loo roll.


It is recommend that a perfume-free, recycled toilet paper is used, and chemical-free sawdust, so that a timely breakdown of your waste is encouraged. Perfumed loo rolls and treated sawdust contain elements which kill friendly enzymes and bacteria meaning that your humanure can take longer to breakdown.


A box section under the loo seat contains two containers: one 10ltr wee container (lasts about 30 visits) and a 20ltr solids container (lasts about 30 visits).


The wee container can be replaced with a pipe option which is supplied at no extra cost. The wee can be piped directly to a soak away under the loo. We recommend a 2 ft deep hole of 1ft diameter filled with gravel and the pipe to go into this. This means you only need to exchange the dry waste container when full. Why not buy a rear hatch to make changing your containers easier?


Depending on the season our lead times vary so it is always best to check in with us first before placing an order. The average lead time is around 6 weeks.

Deluxe Compost Toilet

SKU: 1
2.000,00£ Precio
1.900,00£Precio de oferta
  • Wee Hoose Compost Toilet Approximate Dimensions

    Weight 100Kgs

    Height 220cm

    Width 120cm

    Depth 100cm

  • Free UK Mainland Shipping

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