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The deluxe 10 Urine Container.


Our premium liquids container is an optimum size for handling with a carry strap for carrying.


This bottle is made from robsut anti-bacterial plastic with Steritouch, making it safer to handle, slows down odour development, reduces bio-film build-up inside and out and has a soft-grip and sturdy carrying handle, making it easy to carry and empty. The bottle also has a large opening and empties in moments (‘glug’-free).


Dimensions: 14.5cm (in the centre, at the D shapes widest part) x 33.5cm x 32.5 mm (without lid) or 35cm (with lid screwed on)


Fits perfectly with the square solids tank for a snug solid fit. Perfect for boats and vans.

Deluxe 10 Litre Urine Bottle

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